About Us

ISTC is an institution in the field of satellite communications

Managing Director (MD)

ISTC Pvt. Ltd. is founded and established in 2000 by Mr. Krish K. Mehkarkar. Under his direction, ISTC has a versatile and experienced team of technical specialists providing system integration expertise in the development and implementation of satellite earth station and terrestrial head ends.

Our turnkey approach is to provide innovative, technologically advanced and financially competitive solutions to new installation, retrofits and upgrades. The company achieves this combination of price competitiveness and technical excellence by utilizing an international network of industry professional and suppliers.

At ISTC we Train manpower, Research new technologies, Design Products and then manufacture them according to our customers needs. Therefore ISTC provides a complete solution in the field of Satellite Communications.

At ISTC, A cluster of skilled and experienced team of RF engineers delivers a complete solution for any type of SATCOM application. Our Institute is well appreciated across the globe for its Open training program for Engineering students and working professionals. We also design and produce SATCOM support products in our facilities, making ISTC an allrounder in satellite communication industry.

- Prasanna Mehkarkar ,MD

Institute of Satellite Telecom Pvt. Ltd is the leading SATCOM service provider across India. Our passion has driven us to the pinnacle of this industry. Our ambitious engineer's work ethic and determination towards our clients is well appreciated across India.

Our mission is to deliver the right and reasonable solution to our clients queries, that might be to install and commission a 9.1m Earth station Antenna or even as small as a VSAT at a bank ATM. Our expert team will commission all applications there are in this SATCOM industry. Our diversity is our USP after all.

ISTC has the impeccable ability to Install, Commission & Maintain. This all round package has helped us to grasp a vital market in today's date. Our efficient working methods and the speed of our quality work allows us to quote the best possible prices for our clients.

Our Mission:

ISTC has its own state of the art facility for the production of its SATCOM products. With respect to our number of hours put under Research & development and also our experience and technical expertise in SATCOM inspires us to design, implement and produce a quality product for our client. All our products come with a 2 year comprehensive warranty. Our mission is to provide the best quality solution to our customer at an reasonable price, great quality and an extra ordinary after sales service.

What We've Achieved

Retrofitting of two 11m and 15m Antenna at Mauritius Telecom.
I & C of two 9m antenna and 200 watt T.W.T.A at STPI.
Up-gradation and Maintenance of two 11m antenna at ONGC.
I & C of 1nos 9m vertex, 2nos 9m Andrew for DISHTV, Noida.
Maintenance of 7m antenna with 750wt HPA at NIC, Delhi.
I & C of ten SSC Antenna control systems for BEL, GHZ.
I & C of two 7.6m Andrew antenna at DDK, Delhi.
I & C of 13.0m NEC make for TATA COMM at MHA.
I & C of 9.0m vertex for ESSEL SHYAM at BAG Network.
I & C of 9.3m Andrew for ESSEL SHYAM at PRAGYA Teleport.
Maintenance & Painting for 11.0m Antenna at NTPC, Noida.
I & C of Eight 6.3m antennae for NELCO at Indian Air Force.
I & C of 9.0m, 11.0m, 9.0m vertex antenna for HUGHES.
Up-gradation of 28nos 7.0m antenna for BEL, GHZ at IAF.
Painting of 77nos 6.3m and 4.7m antenna at Indian Air Force.
I & C and foundation of 4nos 7.6m Andrew for Arraycom at DDK.
Maintenance & Painting of 14.0m antenna at MCF HASSAN.
Major projects like ROT PUNJAB, IRCOT for HUGHES.
Agreement with more than 100 colleges.
Placed more than 100 engineers.
Over 5 million subscribers for DISHTV created since 2007.
  • Replacement

  • Antenna Clening

  • Annual Maintenance

  • Antenna Foundation


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