Satcom Training

"The sole aim of setting up this program was to develop skilled and qualified professionals in the field of satellite communications"

It is observed that due to long gap in between the theoretical knowledge and actual practical work professionals and students lack the cutting edge, which is very much vital in this competitive world. Therefore, we at the Institute of Satellite Telecom transform engineers into confident and capable SATCOM professionals.

The training course focuses on thorough understanding of Theory, Technical operations, Integrations and Installation commissioning of various types of satellite communication systems and networks. As the students master the syllabi and the field training, we shall be more than pleased to award them the Institute of Satellite Telecom certificate.

The certification will not only unlock the platform for the bright future in SATCOM but also a chance to get a placement and be a RF engineer on our prestigious projects at Digisat, Pune


    1. Space communication
    2. Earth station/teleports
    3. Digitization and advance technology
    4. Vsat Network
    5. Direct to home technology
    6. Head end in the sky
    7. Video conferencing
    8. IP TV/OTT
    9. Mobile communications
    10. Conditional access (CAS)
    11. Encryption software for digitization.
    12. Design of MPEG-4 STB Free to air SD N HD

One week training will give complete exposure & awareness of global industrial satellite communications.

    1. Opportunity and demand of global Satcom industry as expertise & practical awareness of Satcom technology for above engineering students.
    2. Satcom industry oriented projects to fresher’s in following global technology products
    3. Vsat network project, direct to home network
    4. Earth station/teleport network
    5. Global Satellite system integration
    6. Broadcasting network
    7. Indian space research org. (ISRO) Space application center (SAC) ECIL,BEL. MCF,NRSA,ISTRAC.
    8. global Satcom industry oriented projects for final year stud ants of E&TC /Electronics.
    9. Seminar/thesis/tutorial designing of Satcom industry products
    10. consoling for chose the correct path during final year engineering to enroll or qualify for placement in global Satcom industry .

Projects availability for final year students

    1. design and development of DVB-S2 Digital set top box (SD/HD)
    2. Design and development of Direct to home Ku band Dish antenna.
    3. Design and development of 1.0mtr Ku band Vsat Antenna for vsat industry.
    4. Design & development of Universal auto sensing power supple module for Vsat modem.
    5. Design and development of wire mesh/ receive only C band antennas. For digital cable industry.
    6. Design and development of Antenna drive unit for AC/DC motorized antennas in collaboration with satellite systems corporation USA.
    7. Design and development of Antenna CONTROL unit for AC/DC motorized antennas in collaboration with satellite systems corporation USA.
    8. Design and development multi dwelling unit rack for Direct to home (DTH) multi satellite/multi reception

All above projects are global industry orientated, to involve and implement minimum 6 months are required to comply in all respects.Project cost has bear by students ( min 4 students can choose one project ) ISTC Engineers will guide and support time to time with all practical’s. and project BOM/drgs/specs/ practical tests.

Schedule for one week training program of Satcom:

Day 1 (mon) Indian /Global satellite
    1. 10.00 am to 12.00 am ….. practical’s of earth station Antennas C band Ex –C band ku band .
    2. 12.15 am to 13.00 pm . practical’s of earth station Antennas C band Ex –C band ku band .
    3. 14.30 pm to 17.00 hrs concept of earth station antennas. of Earth station antennas C-band ku band/ Ex C band and their subsystems

Day 2 ( tue) Earth station Antennas
    1. 10.00 am to 12.00 am Concept of satellite communication.
    2. 12.15 am to 13.00 pm global satellites operation.
    3. 14.30 pm to 17.00 hrs practical’s on V sat network ku band/ Ex C band and their subsystems coaxial cables/ modems.

Day 3 ( wed) Vsat Network and configuration
    1. 10.00 am to 12.00 am ….. PPT on Vsat network
    2. 12.15 am to 13.00 pm PPT on Vsat network BOM and Inc procedure
    3. 14.30 pm to 17.00 hrs practical’s on V sat network ku band/ Ex C band and their subsystems coaxial cables/ modems.

Day 4 ( thrus) Direct to home (DTH ) Network
    1. 10.00 am to 12.00 am ….. Indian DTH network.
    2. 12.15 am to 13.00 pm GLOBAL DTH Network/ Practical BOM and Installation and commissioning process
    3. 14.30 pm to 17.00 hrs practical’s on DTH network ku band/ and their subsystems- STB (SD/HD) coaxial cables/ LNBs/ Dish Antennas

Day 5 ( Friday) discussion towards project and opportunities as RF engineer/system integrator/test and measurement /broadcast engineers/software engineers.
    1. 10.00 am to 12.00 am ….. Indian DTH network. Vsat network
    2. 12.15 am to 13.00 pm GLOBAL DTH Network./global Vsat network.
    3. 14.30 pm to 16.00 hrs Satcom industry and their requirements ISRO/SAC/ govt ORG and their requirements
    4. 16.00 -17.00 hrs Enrollment for projects and question answer session .Certification of Satcom training completion.

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Design & Build MCPC Teleport/Hub for video/Voice/Data:



Digisat, Pune with its state of the art technology is the only institute to have a complete earth station system located inside the campus. This impressive and vast campus has the absolute capability to train 60 students at a time. This unit being the only one across Asia is proud to have the following equipments at its heart.

9.1 m Earth Station Antenna.
6.1 m Receive Antenna.
3.8 m Trans/Receive Antenna.
200 Watt HPA, Up-converter, Down-converter.
Antenna Control Systems
Modulators & Demodulators
Spectrum Analyzer, Power Met, X-Y Recorder, Strip Chart Recorder
Translators, Beacon Tracking Receivers
SCPC Analog Satellite FM Modulator
SCPC Analog Satellite FM Demodulator
Block Down Converters C-L band, Ku-L band, S-Band and L-band
Data broadcast Receivers
Modems and multiple Demodulators
Satellite Data Terminals for V-SAT and DSNG
Low Noise Amplifiers


The solitary aim of this institute is to create skilled professionals in the field of satellite telecommunications. Our passion drives us towards the young and eager minds of the upcoming engineers. This special training program for engineering students will cover the entire syllabus in a crash course format. A program that is time saving and viable for the engineering students in 3rd & 4th year.

Satellite Telecommunications is the most advanced industry in the field of engineering also the most essential one too. Students have the chance to attain this extraordinary knowledge from the best institute there is. The program has been divided into following sections/options.

MOU - For more information on this Kindly contact: 7218119119
1 week Training - This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to stay on Digisat Campus for 5 days and learn, research & feel like a RF engineer already. Digisat will offer Food & accommodation - (Contact for quote)*
1 Day Training - One day training will emphasis on brief knowledge on all topics of the syllabus with 4 hour theory seminar and 3 hour practical training. All the students will be awarded a participation certificate. Digisat will offer mild snacks & tea. - (Contact for quote)*
1 week Campus Training - (College Campus) - This a great opportunity for you to bring the best experts to your college for a 5 day training. The training will consist of 15 hours of theory and 15 hours of practical. Digisat team will carry a 1.2m VSAT and a 60cm DTH antenna for practical training. All the students will be awarded a participation certificate. - (Contact for quote). 10% students will be selected of the total batch for job placements in the field of Satellite communications as RF Engineer/Baseband Engineer.
1 month Training for International Students & working professionals - One month intensive training programs for international students at Digisat Pune. This program will cover all the important topics of SATCOM in detail with thorough practicals especially on Earth Station Antennas. Digisat will send the invitation for VISA purpose and the student has to look after his own accomodations. - (USD1500/student).


Digisat brings you the opportunity to create the perfect training platform for your students at your own college premises. We will install and commission an entire basic SATCOM lab at your college premises. The faculty member of your choice will be trained thoroughly by us at your premises. Setting up a fully functioning SATCOM lab will not only elevate your standards but also create a unique experience for your students.


3.8m C-Band Motorized AZ/EL Axis Antenna
Dominion M&C RF Carrier Test Equipment
Antenna Controller with DC Drive
C/Ku Transmission Cable
1.0 m KU-Band VSAT Antenna
LNBC 10.7 to 12.75 Ghz
KU-Band RFT2 Watt
HX250 VSAT Modem
RG 11 Coaxial Cable with connectors
60cm KU-Band DTH Antenna
Universal KU-Band LNB
MPEG 2 Set Top Box SD
MPEG 4 Set Top Box HD
Digital Compass
Satellite Informative Wall posters

Global industrial Satcom training program syllabus :Duration one week : for faculties

Day1: -13hrs

Concept of satellite ,specifications of satellite, satellite parameters, satellite frequency bands/transponders, Satellite orbits, Satellite launching , satellite M & C, Indian satellite series In-sat/G-sat Sriharikaota launching platform, PSLV/GSLV satellite launching vehicles.

1430pm- 17.00hrs Global satellites : Intelsat/eutelsat/new skies/Asia sat/Arab sat Thaicom/SingTel/mea sat/APT/ARSAT/ARGAS/IRIDIUM satellite manufacturing companies ,Satellite launching co.

Day 2 : 10-13 hrs.

Ground station equipment’s Earth station antennas/ concept/design of Earth station antennas/ types of earth station antennas/uplink/down link (Tx/Rx ) ESAs Antennas basic specifications/parameters/ manufacturing process / testing of Antenna parameters ( beacon level/C/N, G/T, Gain calculation, Radiation pattern to 17.00hrs

Antenna Control systems, beacon tracking receivers Motorized Antenna Axis ( AZ-Axis, EL-Axis, Pol-Axis ) LNBC/ Rx coaxial cables/trans elliptical waveguides UP/DN Converters , High power Amplifiers.

Day 03 10 hrs 13 hrs & 1430 hrs to17,00 hrs.

Practical’s of Earth station Antennas, Antenna parameter measurements, acquisition of satellites locking the carrier for various Tv channels.(Vertex USA make 9mtr C band Antenna, 6mtr cband ESA, 3.8mtr Ex Cband ESA

Day 04: 10 am to 13 hrs

Very small aperture (Vsat Network ) Design of Vsat Types of Vsat, vsat Bill of material System ntegration.application of Vsat for video/voice/data Network.Vsat operators in India, and global.

Day 04 14.30 hrs to 17 .00 hrs.

Direct to home (DTH) network, concept of DTH bill of material , advantage of DTH in digitalization, software/hardware system for DTH Design of Dish Antennas . set top box /types of set top box., coaxial cables /connectors/ inc of dish and stb System.

Day 5 :10 am to 13 hrs.

practical’s of Vsat network , verification BOM, antenna inc, system integration of LNBC/BUC . with modem, satellite acquisition, locking the carrier. HSO.

14.30 16.00 hrs.

practical of DTH network, verification of BOM, antenna inc, system integration with LNB and set top box, acquisition of satellite locking maximum signal level and quality level using compass and inclinometers/dB meters.LOACKING of all transponders, verify all TV channels.

16 hrs. to 17 hrs.

. question answer session , Certification, summing off training program

Kindly contact 7218119119 for detailed information and quotation.

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