Single speed brushless resolver

Single speed brushless resolver

The Satellite Systems line of Antenna control systems uses a single speed brushless resolver for accurate position feedback of the antenna.

Frequency 5 KHz
Input Voltage 7.0 Vrms
Input Current 10.9 ma maximum
Rotational Accuracy ± 3 arc minutes
Transformation Ratio 0.95:1
Type Control Transmitter
Shaft size 0.120" diameter x 0.500" length
Shaft loading 2 lbs. Maximum 1 lb. maximum
Radial Axial
Bearing life 2 Billion revolutions minimum at maximum shaft load
Moment of inertia 0.51 x 10^-4 oz-in-sec^2
Weight (not including mounting hardware) 0.25 Lbs
Overall size (not including mounting hardware and cover) 1.1" dia, 1.6" length
Operating temperature -20° C to +125° C
Shock 50 G's for 11 mSec
Vibration 15 g's to 2,000 Hz

Antenna System Configuration Block Diagram

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